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Julia Child’s secrets for cooking chicken perfectly

Julia Child was a pioneer in French cooking and inspired many home cooks to prepare the finest French meals. Her television career began with sarma recept kulinarika PBS Food with The French Chef 1963 and concluded in 2000 when she appeared on Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom. The reason she has lasted so long on television is due to her warm and friendly personality, a love for cooking and her belief that people who love food are the best.

Julia’s recipe for cooking the perfect chicken remains pertinent today, because Americans prefer chicken over any other kind of meat.

These are Julia Child’s 20 best tips to cook chicken , straight in Julia’s books Master the Art of French Cooking & Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom.

While you cook chicken, make sure you avoid these 20 Things.

1. Begin with the top

Child believed that cooking chicken that had great flavor was essential to good quality. Whole chickens should have large breast size and white, yellow or cream skin. A chicken should not have an unpleasant smell. It could be a sign that the chicken was spoiled.

2. Freeze the right way

Child’s method for defrosting chicken was used by most food professionals in the era. It is still in use today. For best results, you should allow the chicken to cool in the fridge.

3. A good sauce starts with chicken stock

Child was aware of the necessity of using less chicken stock when making sauces. Child created a brown stock by cooking leftover chicken pieces in onion and carrots, and then boiling the broth of chicken with bay leaves, parsley and bay leaves. She said that a brown stock can give the sauce more flavor regardless of how simple or complex it is.

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4. It should be tied up

Child believed that it was crucial to truss the chicken prior to roasting. This helped to keep the wings and legs in place during cooking. It will also give the chicken a better appearance when it was done and served on the platter.

5. The right equipment is crucial.

Kitchen equipment of high-end quality is adored by child as it will make cooking more enjoyable. The best method of cooking chicken is to use a V-rack.